Commissioned Initiatives

Two Four Eight builds movements through both catalytic partnerships and commissioned initiatives. We join hands with like-minded organisations to form partnerships that help their teams to launch and lead movements. At the same time, we incubate new teams and organizations that expand our vision and mandate to disciple cities. Our first Commissioned Initiative is called Umfundi Education.

Umfundi Education

Currently in South Africa, 70% of children starting school in Grade 1, will never complete their education. This results in the continuing cycle of poverty and a huge lack of employable skills. Studies have shown that much of the crisis is a result of the vital foundations in early childhood never being established. 

The Valley of 1000 Hills in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is home to about 1 million people. Resources are scarce and most of these children do not attend local pre-schools because of the high transport costs.

Umfundi currently trains 11 facilitators, who help educate children in about 1,500 homes. These facilitators walk great distances daily to homes in the Valley. In 2022, Umfundi was registered as a Non-Profit Company in South Africa (through Two Four Eight). Umfundi Education aims to take education to children ages 2-6 that are not attending school. Please pray with us as we look for effective ways to build a movement of people who will not only take education, but also the Gospel to these rural homes.