Cities Need Movements

“Something is wrong,” I blurted out, as I sat upright in bed.  It was a Sunday morning.  My wife and I were pastoring a church that we had planted five years earlier. I felt a tremendous sense of unease as I woke up early to prepare for the meeting that day.

That morning, I asked a dangerous question: “What would it take to see a movement of the gospel that transforms my city?”  The question changed my life. 

Begin with vision

Movements of the Gospel begin with vision.  Not the kind of vision that is created with flipcharts and whiteboards in a corporate boardroom.  Rather, the kind of vision that is birthed in heaven and ignited by the Spirit.  The kind of vision that sets our hearts on fire.  We need leaders who will think beyond their own organizational boundaries.  We need leaders with a vision and burning passion to reach cities.

The cities of the world are in trouble.  The global population is exploding and cities are bursting at the seams.  This heavy migration from rural to urban is causing a dramatic rise in crime, poverty and moral decay.  Lack of affordable housing, flooding, pollution, slum creation, congestion and inadequate infrastructure are among the long list of problems our cities face.  Many of these challenges are not rooted in urban planning or logistics, but in the sinfulness of man – pride, greed, hatred of people different from us, and a lack of concern for our neighbours.  Only the Gospel can ultimately bring healing to our cities.

Swimming towards the Puck

My son plays underwater hockey.  Players hold their breath, dive down to the bottom of the pool (usually 6 feet or 2 meters deep) and attempt to flick a puck into the opponent’s goal. Insiders jokingly call it “a breathtaking sport.”

My attempt at underwater hockey was short-lived.  But I did learn that I would not get very far by diving down directly towards the puck.  By the time I reached the bottom of the pool, someone else had already moved the puck.  The key to underwater hockey is not to swim to where the puck is, but to swim to where the puck is going. The same principle is true for most sport.  But in a sport where you must hold your breath, it is a critical lesson to learn.  

If we want to reach the world, and be obedient to the great commission, we will need to understand where the puck is going.  The world is moving to the city.  By the year 2050, it is predicted that over 70% of the world will live in cities. The city is where we should be.  It is critical that we learn to catalyze Movements of the Gospel in cities. 

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