Our History

In September 2001, David and Michelle Broodryk moved to a major city in South Africa with a vision to ignite movements of the gospel. By 2008 new movements began to emerge in 8 different Southern Africa countries. David spent several years travelling extensively to support and coach these emerging movements. He also joined a new […]

Why we Exist

We exist to multiply Disciple Making Movements in the cities of the world. Our Vision is to catalyse 1000 affinity-based Disciple Making Movements multiplying across 100 cities in 6 global regions by 2050.  The following descriptions may help to give more definition to these statements…  Disciple-Making Movements are defined by the rapid spread of the Gospel […]

What we Do

We build empowering platforms for movements. Two Four Eight serves to build global platforms (learning, co-creation and collaboration) that enable leaders, teams and organizations to thrive in their pursuit of building movements. We raise up and support movement leadersWe partner with leaders to multiply disciples who in turn multiply healthy expressions of church. We help […]

Our Teams

Two Four Eight is structured as a network of inter-connected teams. Each team has a specific purpose and works towards focused outcomes. Here are some of our teams… Global City Catalysts The Global City Catalysts (GCC) team is represented by leaders currently residing in 52 cities of the world. These leaders meet online twice a […]

Where we Work

We work in the cities of the world because the world is becoming rapidly urban. Globally, over 3 million people move to cities every week. In 1800 the world was 6.6% urban and by 1900 the world was 12% urban. Today, 4.4 billion people (56% of the global population) live in cities. By 2050, 70% […]

Commissioned Initiatives

Two Four Eight builds movements through both catalytic partnerships and commissioned initiatives. We join hands with like-minded organisations to form partnerships that help their teams to launch and lead movements. At the same time, we incubate new teams and organizations that expand our vision and mandate to disciple cities. Our first Commissioned Initiative is called […]

Defining Movements

Movements can generally be defined as, “a revolutionary idea that spreads rapidly through existing social networks, challenging the status quo until it brings about massive social change.”

Understanding Affinity

By the year 2050, over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities.  This global shift leaves us wrestling with the question, “What does ‘ta ethne’ (go to all nations) mean in an increasingly urban world?”

Please tell me who I am

Each generation faces a unique challenge.  The challenge being experienced by this next emerging generation is a crisis of identity.

Teams Start Movements

With this clear call, Jesus launched the first team to advance his new Kingdom message.  They would become the team that would herald the coming of the Messiah – the hope of Israel.