Marko joins the TFE team!

Picture above from left to right: Maxie, Anne, Sophia and Marko “We are delighted to join the TFE team. It has been a pleasure to draw closer to this generous, passionate and highly focused team. Maxie and myself come from an architectural background and enjoy the process of designing, making and starting new things. This […]

Scotland awakening

Ryan Corrigan, a Global City Catalyst with Two Four Eight, as well as part of Novo UK, is seeing God move through Disciple-making Movement strategies in Scotland. “We are encouraged by how the Lord is moving, opening doors for our ministry of encouragement, prayer, and equipping. The Lord is on the move, showing us where […]

Australia lights up

“It is so exciting to see that having trained the group on Introduction to God Movements  (ITGM), the ideas of Discovery Bible Study and Disciple Making Movements have been lit in new areas in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. It can almost be likened to a wildfire.” Sally Butler from the Fruit Pickers team in […]

Umfundi Education

The Lord has laid Foundation Phase Education on Michelle Broodryk’s heart. Currently in South Africa, 70% of children starting school in Grade 1, will never complete their education. This results in the continuing cycle of poverty and a huge lack of employable skills. Studies have shown that much of the crisis is a result of […]

Two Four Eight Training

Training is an integral part of Two Four Eight. Remaining flexible and adapting to the many needs is something we value highly. Whether in a group setting, online, in teams, or as individuals, training continues to expand and have significant impact in the lives of Disciple-Makers. As paradigms are shifted in organisations, as well as […]

Two Four Eight Team

The past couple of years have seen a lot of shifts and changes within the core team of Two Four Eight. Although the team seems to have been flung to the four corners of the earth, it has remained strong and focused. Online training has exceeded expectations, with new catalysts taking on more of the […]


Quest is a tool that continues to have great impact amongst young adults, between 18 and 35 years. Linked to finding the reason they were created, Quest has led to high engagement on a one-on-one level, as now, more recently, in group settings. Waiters in coffee shops are often very open to conversation. Simply starting […]

Kasi Network

‘Kasi’ is a term used to describe people living and working in the townships of South Africa.  In November 2021 we saw the launch of the Kasi Pioneers.  It is estimated that a quarter of South Africans live in townships, and these experienced disciple makers have already seen the beginnings of movement in their areas […]

Next Gen Cape Town

The first Next Gen gathering took place in Cape Town in November. Young adults, between 18 and 35 years, gathered from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Australia to hear God’s heart for their cities. The driving question was, “What are the action steps to making obedient young Jesus followers who multiply in cities?” After 3 intense days of talking, […]

LifePlan Training

Brad Sprague, who is part of the Two Four Eight team, plays a significant role in mentoring and coaching leaders through the LifePlan process. This process helps increase leader capacity, as well as expand influence in movement leaders. Over the years, Brad has been privileged to do a number of LifePlans with individuals, as well […]