LifePlan Training

Brad Sprague, who is part of the Two Four Eight team, plays a significant role in mentoring and coaching leaders through the LifePlan process. This process helps increase leader capacity, as well as expand influence in movement leaders.

Over the years, Brad has been privileged to do a number of LifePlans with individuals, as well as couples in leadership. Couples that are in transition, or who want to know what ministry together looks like, are finding huge benefit from this process.

As one couple said, “The LifePlan has given us hope. We now have a clear calling and an actionable plan to move forward. We know what our unique contribution is”.

LifePlan Retreats have also played a significant part in helping leaders understand their personal call, contribution and path to convergence, bringing who they are to what they should do.

In May 2019 retreats were hosted with leaders in Centurion, as well as Cape Town. In March 2020, Brad, together with his wife, Marty, did a 4-day LifePlan training in Cape Town with young ex-offenders.

“…Brad facilitated the group experience with sensitivity and great dignity. It was especially good having Marty join us as well! Her engagements with the group were truly special. It was certainly not the regular group doing life plans, considering the depth of their hurts, pasts and backgrounds. We had an awesome 4 days!” – Val Kadalie of On the Edge, Cape Town

El Shaddai Church in Cape Town hosted a retreat for their young leaders in September 2021.

The lives of these individuals, couples and teams continue to be impacted by this powerful process. We are grateful to Brad for his obedience to the calling that God has on his life, as he offers his time freely to those the Lord leads him to. 

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