Catalyst Trainings

Early this year we sensed a once-in-a-lifetime storm approaching. It would no longer be business as usual. We decided to go back into ‘start-up mode’ and we asked ourselves the hard questions:

“What would the world look like in 6 months, a year, in 3 to 5 years?”
“What will it take to start all over again? What would that even look like?”
“What do we need to prune immediately, what do we need to add, what do we need to change?”

In hindsight, we can now see that it was the Lord’s leading. We were able to adapt our coaching and mentoring content and delivery style in a way that would reach more ministry and church leaders than ever before.

It was the birth of something new, something beautiful. We called it the Movement Catalyst Journey. For over 100 church and ministry leaders from across the globe, this journey started in March 2020.

Here’s what the leaders had to say about this training journey:

San Antonio, Texas
“My whole paradigm of outreach to the city has radically changed. It was SOOO worth the journey and has totally and fundamentally changed what we are doing, why we are doing it and how we are pursuing it. If you are looking for a breakthrough in thought, strategy, process, and implementation then the Catalyst Training will give you new eyes to think outside the box and discover new ways that God is moving. I highly recommend it”. – Shawn Sullivan, Crossbridge Community Church

Cape Town, South Africa
“The training feels like it has taken best practice around the world and consolidated it. At the same time, I have valued that your team have looked for overarching principles rather than context driven methods. And, most importantly for me – it’s city focused. I can only say that it has been a big impact and I’m hugely grateful for the training”. – Bruce McCallum, El Shaddai Christian Church

“The training was very helpful. It was great to learn with others from around the world. The training format using a combination of teaching, reflection and breakout discussion, ensured good engagement and contextual application. The activities between sessions allowed us to apply the tools and concepts in our ministry areas in a very practical manner. I would highly recommend this training to anyone wishing to build teams to disciple the urban world”. – Dave Milne, Crosslink

“The Two Four Eight team’s practical experience, insight and understanding has enabled them to create practical and deeply biblical training that enables practitioners to understand 21st century culture and how to reach it. If you are passionate about igniting multiplying movement with discipleship at its heart, don’t hesitate in connecting with these guys!” – John Oliver, New Ground Ireland

“The Catalyst Training provided a comprehensive framework of some of the key activities needed to see movements in urban contexts. I especially appreciated the interactive nature, team delivery, supportive and affirming tone and relational learning environment. I would definitely recommend this training to other leaders who are seeking to catalyze Kingdom movements in urban contexts”. – Scott C, Praxeis

Johannesburg, South Africa
“The Catalyst Training was very well executed! It helped me and my team to see the effectiveness of disciple-making movements, as we heard story after story, and saw how these lined up with the stories we read in the Bible! I just appreciate the integrity and conviction with which the Two Four Eight team operates. Their insights and many years of experience have really served to equip me and my peers. Covid has created the opportunity for new models of ministry to emerge”. – Jac Adamo, God First Church Midrand

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