City Catalysts

City Catalysts ignite and steward multiple movements of the Gospel in their cities by identifying and empowering Movement Champions and their teams. Champions are usually focused on a single affinity with a burning passion that cannot be quenched. Champions transform their families, communities and cities through Disciple-Making Movements.

Leaders from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth attended our first City Catalyst meeting in February 2020 at the Good Shepherd Retreat Centre near Hartebeespoort Dam.

In September 2021 the Two Four Eight team hosted South African Movement Catalysts along with their spouses, for five days of prayer and strategic planning. Deep bonds of friendship that were forged.

During this time pastors and emerging movement leaders from the Umgeni basin and Kloof joined for an evening of fellowship and prayer. 

In August 2022, with an incredible sense of excitement Two Four Eight invited Global City Catalysts to South Africa. Many of the team, who had only ever met online, bonded deeply, and the joy was palpable as 2-D connections became face-to-face conversations. Countries represented were: Australia, Singapore, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Zambia, Lesotho, Madagascar, Uganda, USA and South Africa.

The 4 days were intense with many discussions, break-out groups, prayer and strategizing. The team left energized, encouraged and re-focused.

“At this gathering, we had an opportunity to hear from DMM (Disciple-Making Movement) leaders from around the globe, and we gained new insight into what God is doing in many DMM contexts. Spending face-to-face time and forging stronger relationships with other DMM catalysts was a highlight for us, and we hope and pray that, as we continue our relationships and interactions, we will be more effective DMM workers for Jesus”. Peter and Rie Vali from Athens, Greece.

We are excited to see new Disciple-Making Movements emerge both locally and on a global front.

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