Next Gen Cape Town

The first Next Gen gathering took place in Cape Town in November. Young adults, between 18 and 35 years, gathered from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Australia to hear God’s heart for their cities.

The driving question was, “What are the action steps to making obedient young Jesus followers who multiply in cities?” After 3 intense days of talking, praying and planning, they left with a clear resolve to move in obedience to what God has called them to do.

Some obedience steps that came from this weekend were: 

“Get a mentor” – Sam (Australia) 
“Pray more” – Shaun (Cape Town) 
“Focus, focus, focus. And find more unsaved people to hang and hover around” – Michael (Cape Town) 
“We need to be more intentional with our time, in terms of our daily life and discipleship relationships” – Sarah (Cape Town)
“We need to learn to engage in meaningful conversation with the lost” – John (Cape Town)

Please pray for these young adults as they move into areas of brokenness and lostness.

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