Quest is a tool that continues to have great impact amongst young adults, between 18 and 35 years. Linked to finding the reason they were created, Quest has led to high engagement on a one-on-one level, as now, more recently, in group settings.

Waiters in coffee shops are often very open to conversation. Simply starting with a ‘humble enquiry’, and asking what the dream is, the Lord has been faithful to reveal many people who are hungry to find their God-given purpose. We are excited to see these young people be the disciple-makers of their peers.

Quest is currently being used in South Africa (Durban, Rustenburg and Cape Town), USA (Tulsa and Oklahoma), as well as Scotland and Budapest. Over December, 100 young leaders were trained in Burundi, and we are excited to hear what God will do in the schools they are taking it to. Quest has been translated into Afrikaans, and the Xhosa translation has begun. 

In November 2022, Brad Sprague presented a training for 20 ministry leaders in Cape Town. These ministry leaders work into many contexts where there is brokenness and lostness. The result is often a lack of purpose. We believe we will be able to share many stories of breakthrough as young people find their purpose and unique contribution.

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more.

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