Movements of the Gospel are often stunted by a lack of financial stability and sustainability. Leaders of movements struggle to pursue the work that God has called them to, as well as care for their families and the workers in the field. This often results in many of these movements losing momentum and focus as the economic struggle remains a harsh reality.
In 2021, Sixteen32, an organization aimed at creating sustainable business models, was launched. The vision is to start profitable businesses to support the work that is taking place globally. 
Michael and Sally Butler from Australia, as well as Winston and Hong Ngee Chong from Singapore recently visited South Africa to gain insight and perspective around the specific financial complexities faced in South Africa. Various townships and ‘squatter camps’, which make up over 70% of the population, were visited. Many conversations were had and a broad range of contexts explored.
Pray with us as we believe the Lord to build sustainable business models.

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