Win a City

“What will it take to reach a city?” is the question that ignited Gerhard and Marinda Barnard’s heart a number of years ago. ‘Win a City’ was launched in 2017 and started as an annual Disciple-Making Movement conference in Cape Town. 

This annual conference, hosted by Logos Christian Church, quickly became a must-do event in the calendar of DMM practitioners. Leaders from across the globe were invited to share their heart, as well as practical implementation of disciple making principles with the 500 attendees. 

With Covid-19 restrictions in 2020, it was prayerfully decided to move from a big conference to ‘Win a City Parties’ hosted in homes.

It started with twelve hosts inviting guests from their own social networks. There was an incredibly positive response, and people who would not have attended a conference were able to hear what God is doing over dinner with friends. DMM practitioners spoke at the various parties and shared their stories and practical principles.

Over the past 2 years, Gerhard and Marinda, together with a growing team, are hosting ‘Win A City’ breakfasts, celebrations and break-aways, and the response and involvement is growing.

This has resulted in a team of Disciple Makers who represent different affinity groups across Cape Town. Leaders working into various areas of brokenness and lostness meet regularly to encourage one another, strategize and pray for the city of Cape Town.

God continues to grow the vision for cities in Gerhard and Marinda Barnard’s hearts. Having started in Cape Town, their vision is to see these parties rolled out across South Africa and globally. They are boldly calling church leaders, community leaders and ordinary people to join in the call to make disciples. 

The response to the question, “What will it take to reach a city?” is, “It will take all of us!”

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Gerhard and Marinda Barnard

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