2023 Urban Research

We, at Two Four Eight, started talking about a more “formalized” research project in July 2021 with a desire to broaden the input from other global teams in a way that challenged our own unconscious biases.  We wanted to create a feedback loop that made us aware of new developments in our rapidly changing urban world.  This report is our first fledgling attempt at creating the awareness we need. 

 Our primary intention with this research is to ask, “Are we still on the right track, and are we emphasizing the most important things?”

We share it freely, hoping other teams will prayerfully ask themselves, ‘Are there statements, suggestions, or conclusions in here that should influence what we do?’ and ‘Are there things that can speak into what we’re doing to become more effective?’

It is important to note that this report is not Gospel truth. It is our best understanding through a limited sample set. It’s a tool that we hope God will use to help us shape our approach: what we do and how we do it. We intend to broaden the base of input to many other teams in urban environments. Over time, we expect that this research will become more and more refined. 

We hope and pray that the information presented here will lead your team to listen to God and respond in obedience. Discard everything else.