3rd Generation Disciple-Making in Finland

Pictured above: Aki

I am Aki, the leader of a team in Turku, Finland. As a team we have gone through the TFE training modules, Introduction to God Movements, Focus and Surrender.  We are starting again from the first module with another group which has formed out of the relationships of our initial affinity team.

The God Movements training modules have helped us greatly in taking advantage of the urban post-modern environment and bringing Jesus to people’s lives without being obnoxiously religious, but learning about their brokenness and addressing it. 

The Focus module has given me as a leader and a champion in my affinity more clarity into how God prepared me for this role. Focus and Surrender have given me more determination and clarity on how to spend and plan my time according to my role in God Movements.

We have now grown to be a ‘small collective’ of people from an affinity group of broken young men and their loved ones. They gather monthly in my home to discuss important topics about this affinity’s needs, interests, and pain points. We are now close to seeing 3rd generation groups of people getting to know Jesus.