Baptised by Drug Lord

Here is what your faithful partnership made possible in the life of a homeless man in Cape Town, a man who had little hope. That’s till a team of Disciple-Makers comprised of former gang members crossed his path and the path of 10 other homeless people.

“Silumku* went through the Life Plan process in September. He was thrown in a dirt bin at 3 days old but was found and adopted. After his adoptive parents died, relationships became strained and he went to live on the streets.

“The photo captures his delight at reading the Bible for the very first time in his life. Today he was baptized by a former drug lord and a former offender.” – Val Kadalie from On the Edge in Cape Town. (*real name withheld for security reasons)

For the Two Four Eight team it is all about the multiplication of disciple makers. We have a saying, “The method does the heavy lifting.” The disciple-making methodologies that the On the Edge team are employing continues to bear tremendous fruit and changing lives forever, for the better!

A delighted Silumku, as he reads Scripture for the first time!

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