Discovery Dinners

‘Discovery Dinners’ was started by Michael and Sally in Sydney, Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was born out of a need to address the state of ‘purposelessness’ that is prevalent in wealthy non-believing Australians. Michael and Sally formed a group within their neighbourhood consisting of four married couples, meeting fortnightly in each other’s homes around a dinner table.

The Discovery Dinner process aims to bring the gospel into the conversation through looking at each individual’s life experiences to date, and leading each person to craft their own ‘purpose statement’. A very brief Discovery Bible Study (DBS) or ‘God Moment’ is run in each session, which means meaningful and spiritual discussions do emerge.

While no couples have come to the Lord yet, Discovery Dinners has softened this group of people spiritually and has changed the course of their lives. One couple are very open to the gospel, and have started praying for their troubled son, as well as made big life changes. This couple is also interested in hosting their own Discovery Dinners, which is what Michael and Sally are aiming to see – multiplication!“

Please pray for Discovery Dinners to multiply and for these couples in Sydney to come to know Jesus.

Left: The Discovery Dinner couples together on a weekend retreat to finalise their purpose statements and to be in community.
Right: Going through the ‘lies and wounds’ exercise at one of the fortnightly sessions in Sydney.

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