Fun Day to Movement

John and his team are based across Ireland. They have discovered a simple, yet effective strategy for reaching communities. One day, as they prayed, John’s team-mate had a vision linked to a local cafe.

The team decided to boldly go to the cafe and asked for the owner. The owner began asking many questions and explained that he had an Aunt who prayed. He however, was completely unreached. This man asked if the team would like to use his cafe for gatherings and discovery groups. He quickly became a ‘person of peace’ who then led them to an unreached housing estate with 160 homes.

John decided the easiest way to reach these families was to knock on doors. The team would strike up a conversation and present a simple faith-based, five-question survey. This survey was filled in via Google Forms on an iPhone or iPad and asked if the person would be interested in discovering Jesus (at a home or in a coffee shop) and also if they’d be interested in joining in a community ‘Fun-Day’.

Out of the 42 people interviewed, 49% of them said yes to everything! The community became a place of peace and the next weekend, the team organised the first of many community ‘Fun-Days’, consisting of a barbecue, live music, a mobile animal farm and games with the children. There were 150 people who joined the first one and from there, John and his team have managed to build relationships, engage in meaningful conversations and have taken steps towards impromptu Discovery Groups.

Please pray for John and his team in Ireland. They’re optimistic and hopeful that Jesus will help them form Discovery Groups out of the ‘Fun-Day’s, which continue regularly. Please pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit to break into these estates.

Left: The invitation John & his team dropped off to the houses in the estate and a local enjoying the animal farm that is occasionally part of the ‘Fun-Days’.
Right: More of the local community from the housing estate participating in the ‘Fun-Day’

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