God working through Mothers

Pictured above from left to right: Maria, Hanna, Hannele and Aino

Focus training was the perfect way to build our new team of five moms and get to know each other. We made a deep dive into our teammate’s life stories, strengths, abilities, and brokenness. Hearing and sharing these stories also helped us to get more insight into our own lives. Digging into your own brokenness can be painful, but when obstacles arise during the journey, it is worth everything to have your friends near to help you get up and keep on moving, to find and live out the unique calling God has prepared for you.

We found God’s unique callings to our lives and a common calling to our team. ‘Our team exists to reach out to families and lead them to Jesus through Moms’. We want to see a network of families that help one another to start living out their calling in God’s plan, as well as seeing relationships in families heal. 

Finding our focus gave us motivation, sustainability, and tools to disciple people in our affinity.  When we meet new people, we know what stories and brokenness we can share about our lives to find out if they recognize the same brokenness in their lives. When we find people with similar brokenness, we can help them the same way God has helped us. We have the good news specifically for their situation! 

We saw an example recently where one team member found her parents’ divorce was a life-shaping experience. Soon she met another mom in the playground whose husband wanted a divorce. This mom didn’t know Jesus but wanted to start to pray together for her marriage to be saved. They started to meet, pray, and talk about this regularly and as a result of that God saved their marriage! 

This experience with God opened this mom’s heart and we started to disciple her. She started attending our gatherings where we discuss relevant topics and get to know God better. We have already seen many cases where God touches peoples’ brokenness and brings them closer to Him step by step.