MOTHERWELL TOWNSHIP IN GQEBERGA – Loyiso Matu and the Africa for Christ team are finding that the more they serve into physical brokenness, the more they are given permission to address spiritual lostness in Motherwell, a township of 150,000 people in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Skoolboy, wearing the blue jacket, was lost to alcohol and drinking his life away in hopelessness. Early last year during lock-down, he received a food parcel from some Disciple-Makers. He agreed to do Discovery Bible study. He now has a job and has been completely sober since. Thank you for helping us bring hope and transformation to those in hopeless situations like Skoolboy’s.

Soon after Mike emerged from prison in December, he encountered some Disciple-Makers and became a follower of Jesus. Mike is now volunteering his time to help build a new community centre. The centre will serve the needs of his community while multiplying disciples and Disciple-Makers.

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