Philip’s Story

Philip is part of the Kasi network in South Africa, a team of Disciple-Making leaders working in townships. While Philip was still working in a traditional church, Derick, a young man, heard Philip preaching in one of the neighbouring houses. As soon as he could, he got in touch with Philip to ask him about ancestral worship and why Philip said it was dangerous. After some time of talking and discovering Jesus together, Derick decided he wanted to give his life to Jesus.

When Philip started transitioning to Disciple-Making and left the traditional church, Derick was eager to learn. He quickly became more knowledgeable than any of Philip’s fellow pastors in how to make disciples. Within a period of two and a half years, Derick had about 40 Discovery Groups in his area with unreached people. Soon Philip was helping Derick run a team in a township called Amsterdam, where Derick’s team identified key facilitators to start multiple Discovery Groups in other communities.

Since Derick worked during the week and had no mode of transport, all his Discovery Groups had to happen on a Saturday. Philip noticed the one hindrance to seeing movement was Derick’s lack of transport, so Philip donated his ‘bakkie’ (a small truck) to Derick as a gift to empower him to be able to see groups multiply.

Philip has now handed the reigns over to Derick and a few other key leaders, who he continues to mentor and coach on a monthly basis. As well as working full-time, Derick is now in charge of tracking all the different Discovery Groups in the region and works closely with his team of leaders to help see groups form and multiply.

“It’s encouraging because Derick was never bible-based or well versed, but it shows that Disciple-Making can be done by ordinary people who have a passion and drive to see Jesus’ Kingdom come to earth.” – Philip, South Africa.

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