Athi’s Kitchen

Since coming out of prison and finding Jesus, Athi has been determined to make a change in his own life and in his community Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s largest township. He has been discipled by Charles and Val Kadalie. After a lot of prayer, preparation and hard work, Athi found a place in Khayelitsha to set up a small business, called ‘Athi’s Kitchen’. He serves food, and hosts a God-filled space where his community can gather.

Through the construction of ‘Athi’s Kitchen’, a group of young boys have joined in the journey. They call themselves ‘The Army of Change’ and Athi has started the process of discipling them into men of God who seek real change.

Pray for ‘The Army of Change’ as they take little steps towards Jesus. Please pray for protection over Athi and his business. Pray for disciples to be made through this journey.

Left: Athi’s Kitchen opening day! Volleyball nets were set-up and hundreds of local kids came to play. Right: More ‘Army of Change’ boys building toilets!

Left: Val and Athi proudly standing in front of Athi’s ‘photo wall’ he created using old discarded tiles.
Right: Just next to Athi’s Kitchen, where local streets and houses stand and many locals pass by.

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