Learning Obedience

Enrique has been discipling a young man named Timothy in Cape Town. Timothy was recently baptised and started meeting up with friends, with the aim of having spiritual conversations that would lead to discipleship.

One morning on the way to meet a friend, Timothy saw a group of homeless men. He felt prompted to stop but then continued on his way, only to learn that his friend had cancelled on him. Timothy went back to talk to the homeless men but couldn’t see them. He felt the Holy Spirit say, ‘walk two metres’. Timothy couldn’t understand why the Holy Spirit would prompt him to walk a measly two metres. He walked two metres and saw a man sitting, almost hidden, around the corner.

Timothy shared the gospel with this man and asked if he could pray for him. He promised to return to continue the conversation. Next week, the same homeless man came running out exclaiming, “Everything you prayed for came true! The prayers were answered, I have told all my family and friends!’ He was smiling with joy and Timothy couldn’t believe it!

Timothy was ecstatic that his small act of obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit had produced fruit. Timothy continues to meet up with this man.

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