Urban Gardens

‘Farming God’s Way’ is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The team specialise in setting up urban gardens in townships in order to help bring communities together. The team meets the need of the community first, thus creating access to then share the gospel. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Farming God’s Way’ has started creating 1m x 2m gardens in high density, urban suburbs. These ‘Gardens of Faithfulness’ are very simple and feature about six different fast-growing, sturdy vegetables that families can sustain themselves with.

Initially, ‘Farming God’s Way’ demonstrates urban gardening in a township with a local person of peace. This person is encouraged to invite friends to come and watch, in order to replicate the process with others. After planting the garden, a Discovery Bible Study takes place. One week later, the team returns to see the progress. The person of peace is then invited to lead their own Discovery Bible Study.

Through meeting the need for food, the township communities have been very open to also talking about spiritual needs, which has lead to great conversations. So far, about five gatherings have been formed within the townships after the Discovery Bible Study model multiplied.

The goal is to plant one million small urban gardens within the next five years across South Africa. Our prayer is to see movements start within the townships and for the gardens and disciples to multiply . . . together!”

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