“If you want 10 bags of corn, you don’t need 10 bags of seeds”. A picture is worth a thousand words. This DZ idiom describes effective disciple-making so well – we go slow in order to go fast!

Dumisani Mkhwanazi is a legend in his community. We call him DZ. Recently, when his vehicle finally had to be retired, he thought nothing of it to carry a sick person on his back for miles to get to medical help.

When an old grandma’s house fell apart, he jumped in and built her a new one – with his own hands, with his own resources. He has done this 18 times over the years – building brick dwellings for the needy. When the families around him went hungry because of the lockdown, he started raising funds and fed 47 families for months. Zululand needs many more champions like DZ.

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